CONVEX, founded in 1991, mainly engaged in metal products design and production.


Convex is a manufacturing enterprise based on the modern technology and art design, and constantly try to further improvement and development. Convex production pioneer products with high aesthetic value, and because of its quality and won worldwide recognition and respect.


In addition, because the company talented designer team effort, Convex won the red dot design award in 2013.


Convex is the first company in Greece, also is the world's first copper development institute certification, production of antibacterial products based on copper company.


Nearly 25 years after its founding, the company has retained traditional family values and integrated the second generation, while being keen on innovation, fashion, utility and quality products. The emergence of Convex Greece's mission is to design spirit, through the company's production module, and its spread around the world.


Kanelaz is a new product line. The inspiration comes from the sacred pillars of ancient Greece. The surface of the product is endowed with different textures through carving techniques, allowing the handle to transform into artwork. At the same time to provide a matching door handle furniture handle series, so that customers can use a style to complete the selection of all decorative hardware home.