For 125 years SIMONSWERK has been one of the best-known manufacturers of door hinges and hinge systems.


With 600 employees, the company is one of Germany's leading manufacturers of high quality hinge systems for heavy duty, residential and gate production.


The SIMONSWERK hinge system creates the perfect connection between the door and the frame.


High load capacity, long service life and optimal aesthetics represent the quality of our 125 years of production. The perfect free movement of the doors and the high stability of the whole system make our hinge technology unique and unmistakable. The movement that we bring to the space can be seen and felt through perfect functionality and ease of installation and added value to the building.


Our modern high quality products can meet the needs of many different fields of application. VARIANT brand, which has become synonymous with hinge systems in residential and heavy-duty industries, faces many different challenges every day, including high load capacity and safety requirements. As a completely concealed hinge system, TECTUS is ideal for modern surface flushing chamber construction. BAKA is a time-honored brand of wood entrance doors and wooden Windows. It is characterized by two - and three - dimensional regulation. The SIKU hinge system for PVCu entry doors is durable and has a high load capacity for all standard profiles.


SIMONSWERK buys Italian companies Anselmi and Colcom to become the world's leading manufacturer of high-quality hinge systems