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Furnipart's history goes back to 1977, when Lars Ole Hansen acquired the export division of Ludvig m. Larsen, where he had previously worked, and began to operate as a self-employed seller in the international furniture industry. At that time, the handles were made of wood, such as teak, oak and beech, and were mainly made by DanskeTr stand varefabrikker.


Over time, Lars Ole Hansen saw the potential to develop his company's own line of handles - a situation that only intensified when Denmark's first customer, HTH, asked for a partnership in 1985. As early as the 1980s, furnipart began designing its own collections using materials like plastic and metal.


50% of the company's turnover of 150 million is expected to increase to 160 million in this fiscal year, 20% of which comes from sales in the kitchen industry, 20% from sales in the bathroom industry, and the remaining 30% from direct sales of accessories dealers

Furnipart is now a leading European brand of cabinet handle. The top 20 cabinet brands in the world are all customers of furnipart.


The company also has sales offices in Germany, France, Spain and Australia.