Founded in 1956 by entrepreneur Angelo Padovan, Otlav has produced more than 2.2 billion hinges.

Thanks to nearly 100 patent applications, Otlav ensures high quality standards and offers a wide range of products in more than 80 countries/regions around the world.


The new OTLAV plant was completed in 2007 in Via Angelo Padovan 2, Santa Lucia di Piave (TV), covering an area of 45,000 square meters, including 19,500 square meters.


Having opened its first office in March 1956, Mr OTLAV has now found the perfect place to tackle the challenges of the new millennium. "OAMH" and "Otlav automatic material handling" are projects developed after five years of research and research around the world. By designing the optimal logistics location first, followed by the subsequent layout, a 20 meter high automatic storage space is finally formed. Spatial rationalization, logistics optimization and integrated utilization of automation: all of these take into account the flow or transportation of materials and the flow of information, respectively. The goal is to increase competitiveness by producing hinges with an unparalleled level of quality, thereby reducing costs.


According to the requirements of European regulations and regulations, all OTLAV hinges are subjected to rigorous resistance testing to check the performance during the design and manufacturing process.


The hinge is also tested by an external organization that can demonstrate that the company is producing in accordance with a strict, systemically monitored production schedule and that the product has passed the tests set out in the UNI EN 1935/2004 standard and can provide a CE certificate or the data provided by OTLAV in the "performance statement".