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At the beginning

Thirty years ago, the story of Rocky Mountain Hardware opened in Mark and Patsy Nickum's successful showroom. They work closely with architects, designers and builders in sun valley, Idaho, to provide high-end doors, Windows and door hardware for high-end custom homes.


Born of chance

Nickums quickly realised the need for high-quality customised products, as their customers repeatedly demanded products that did not exist. They are looking for accessories that tie the project together - products with unique features that can be used throughout the house to unify the look. Without bespoke pieces, their clients are looking for something generic, rather than sticking to the design of the home and making those final touches stand out.


Never say no

It is created whenever a particular type of hardware cannot be found in a project. Starting with a lever and a plate, their client asks, "can you be a doorstop?" What were their answers? "Sure, we can make a doorstop." The threshold evolved into kitchen cabinet knobs, and then all the hardware in the bathtub. Next stop, door fittings and hinges, and finally plumbing and lighting. Not surprisingly, the company philosophy of never saying no was the inspiration behind rocky mountain hardware. That's just the beginning.


High quality

Our hardware is crafted in the United States, using only the best art grade bronze and precision quality mechanisms that stand the test of time. In fact, all products come with a lifetime warranty. Each piece is a unique character, then given a hand painted patina to make it richer and more shiny in response to the environment.


Move forward

Today, Rocky Mountain Hardware has been running the family tradition since 2003 with their son Christian. Their unwavering commitment to high quality, custom bronze pieces is unparalleled. The next sculpture is already in the works. As for the future? They can't wait for the next request.