Our Story

Who are we?

We are Nanjing Delang Building Materials Co., Ltd.

We are a direct importer of top door lock hardware products in the world.

We are committed to building the best hardware sharing service platform for imported locks in the Chinese market.

We are DHN, and we are by your side!

Our Values

Nanjing Delang Building Material Co., Ltd. was established in 2004. We keep pace with the times, constantly change ourselves, and lead the development of the industry.

Today, we have become a direct importer of the world's top door lock hardware products. We introduce the top door lock hardware products from Europe and the United States with a professional eye, develop business partners in the Chinese market, and build a sharing service platform for the world's top door lock hardware and bathroom hardware products with the idea of sharing services. More than 100 retail showrooms have been developed in the Chinese market. The number is still rising.

At the same time, we focus on high-end luxury hotels, hardbound apartments, private luxury houses in the project market. We are committed to bringing better door lock hardware products to Chinese customers, so that professionals and consumers can feel the world synchronization of original design and value-added prices, and provide customers with professional door-controlled hardware configuration solutions. The solution is to provide world synchronized quality assurance services.

more excitement are waiting for us at the future business

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Delang building materials with a professional attitude for different customer groups to provide all imported high-end door lock hardware solutions

If you are a designer, we can participate in the decoration plan planning, provide a variety of doors to open the hardware configuration scheme, in the late decorative hardware products to provide customized solutions.

If you are a real estate company or hotel management company, when you invest in the construction of hotels and hardcover residential projects, we are willing to professional experience and technology, to provide you with the ultimate cost-effective hardware configuration solutions.

If you are a private owner and need to highlight the quality of life, we can provide you with different styles of products from the perspective of decorative aesthetics, so that hardware products and your living space style into one.

If you are a high-end whole-house customized enterprise, our personalized hardware products and functional hardware products can make your products more outstanding, attract customers' attention and promote sales.

If you are a dealer in the hardware industry and want to introduce high-end imported hardware products, we can provide you with whole-process consulting services from exhibition hall planning to product selection and exhibition scheme, and later product training.

To meet the individual needs of different customer groups, customize your own hardware world.


Nanjing Delang Building Materials Co., Ltd.

Room 409, Block B, Wanda Center, 106 Jiangdong Middle Road, Jianye District, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province