Xinhuihang was founded in 1994. In 1998, it entered the decorative hardware industry. It is the hardware retail brand of Delang Building Materials. We search for the industry's fine products with professional eyes and create a hardware fashion. We bring our customers not only a good experience, but also cutting-edge technology products and fashion elements that are in sync with the world.

In 2017, Xinhuihang set up a flagship showroom in Jinsheng International Home with a brand-new image to showcase imported door lock hardware products synchronized with the world. We use our own understanding to showcase new hardware solutions, based on local and customer service.

Brand, quality and service are the principles and objectives we have always followed. We are equipped with professional technicians to provide fast and good pre-sales and after-sales services for the products we sell.

The Italian brand products sold by Xinhuihang are all provided with ten-year quality assurance. The special category of surface treatment provides up to 30 years of surface treatment quality assurance. This is the commitment of the factory to us, and we also give consumers and professional Customer's commitment.

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