LINEA CALI, founded in 1986, when Paolo and DaniloCali with Mario Facchetti three Mr Co-founded LINEA CALI brand, a move that changed the locks brand market pattern, let LINEA CALI became one of the famous Italian door lock hardware leading brand, he is the first company in the industry to Austria swarovski crystal with the handle, furniture handles a combination of hardware company, created the hardware design of luxury.

Linea Calì collections are marked Patented Design, a patent that is released by the international body WIPO that pro- motes the protection of intellectual prop- erty in the world.


We are proud that we can guarantee our customers products that are manufactured entirely in Italy, in compliance with the most recent European standards on the quality of the raw materials used, the technical characteristics and the resistance of surface treatments.


As evidence thereof, we mark each and every item that we sell, certifying its authenticity, thus guaranteeing the customer a high quality handle produced entirely in Italy.