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Griffwerk manufactures high quality door accessories and expanded its product range to include interior glass doors in 2014. Griffwerk's hardware and glass doors represent high functionality and design excellence. The product is developed at Blaustein's headquarters in downtown Ulm.

In the Design Manufaktur area, we offer designs by well-known designers and DESIGN agencies, such as Prof. Thomas Gerlach's Frame or Sieger's Characters series.

Griffwerk was founded in 1999 as Frascio Deutschland GmbH and changed its name to Griffwerk GmbH in 2013. Currently, 104 employees are headquartered in southern Germany. We succeed in terms of innovation strength and high customer orientation because we develop compelling products and effective sales and marketing concepts for our customers. In addition to special products, customer service is also our top priority. Strong team spirit, commitment and joy to work, and passion for interior, design and architecture for the people who work for Griffwerk.

Several Griffwerk products have won Reddot (Red Dot) and German Design awards.