Italy omporro(ampero group) custom product line


Officine Meccaniche Porro is a metal manufacturing company that has been providing customized products to its customers since 1946.

Now an ad-hoc division has been set up to provide expertise and expertise to answer the most demanding customer questions. Ad Hoc Division teams are able to offer precious metal products with high craftsmanship reputation and always have the most advanced processing and finishing technologies. Due to the close collaboration between the company team and the customer that enables the implementation of special and customized projects, this relationship starts at an early stage of development and can translate each request immediately and quickly.


Uniqueness, luxury, refinement and personalization are the key words in the ad-hoc segment, which is designed to meet the needs of specific products in precious metals, from the simplest to the most complex, not available in the market. From the concept phase to product implementation, a team of professionals accompanies customers, mastering the skills they have and effectively leveraging their experience in the field.


"Elite series" is a special custom product line made with old technology

The production line, achieved through the sand casting process, can produce a unique product that features a finished surface, becoming the concept of an exclusive process.


As a result, surface defects and irregularities become unique elements of the product.