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POGGI&MARIANI SRL was founded in 1980 by two partners with years of experience in a craft studio on the milan canal.


Here, handmade objects are made of brass, and handles play an increasingly important role in production over time, thanks to the passion and creativity of research into shapes and patterns.


The shift of production from the old laboratory on the milan canal to the current location in the industrial district of assago (milan) satisfied the working space needed for increased production, but the original production mentality remained unchanged. The same attention to detail remains with every product, so that the craftsman's wisdom can continue to develop.


It is a real pride for POGGI&MARIANI SRL to be able to claim that all the relationships built over time are very collaborative because they transcend purely commercial relationships.


There is no doubt that POGGI&MARIANI SRL's handles and accessories have earned a reputation in the best showrooms in the world and it is a source of pride.


This is because the attention to detail, the attention to every smallest defect, the careful study of shapes, the well-preserved completion and the pleasure of challenge, combined with the inherent seriousness of the person who does all this work, can only lead to near-perfect results.


It's all about giving you the best design and product.