Two business friends, Belgian Ben Evens and Dutch Ferry van Herwijnen, founded JOLIE, a new child. They have more than 50 years of experience in designing hardware.


Our specific goal


New inspiration and creation, pure brass made by artisans of exceptional quality.

We started working on novel design concepts, focusing on every small detail that could make a difference.


Finely crafted


All products are manufactured in our factory and used in conjunction with traditional sand casting production. With the highest standard of precision quality machinery, we use the best artisans in the world to make handmade products. Our design, production, warehouse and service teams create perfection and control, and they oversee creativity from production to final delivery to customers. 

They can complete the entire process from casting, forging, grinding, trimming, milling, drilling, turning, polishing, pitting, coating, painting to packaging, inventory, marketing, etc.


The results of your


The new design features an inspiring range of brass accessories for cabinets, doors and bathrooms. Enable architects, designers and end users to use JOLIE throughout the project in order to unify the appearance in each different space or room.