SFS iNTEC has been in operation for more than 50 years and continues to evolve to meet market demands. It has 50 sites in 25 countries.

In the door and window hinge industry. Our minimalist design optimizes living Spaces and pays attention to architectural detail. These are the latest interior design requirements, overturning the concept of traditional interior accessories. The use of flush mounting doors in modern interior design is a considerable challenge for hinge manufacturers.

SFS iNTEC provides and addresses this challenge through design and development, not just any hinge, but a complete set of products that meet the requirements of door manufacturers and architects.

Because of the ease of use and adjustment, the former are happy to use our products; And customers appreciate our product range more, allowing them to realize the concept of interior design and furniture solutions.

Reasons for selecting the SFS INTEC pivot hinge

• Higher door aesthetic value and wider product range

• Single product for right and left side doors • Easily adjustable after installing the door

• Complete system with cover and milling fixture • Maintenance free over time

• Smooth sliding, no squeaking

Looking to the future of the hinge

Door hinges are a bit like the engine of a car. A car without an engine is as useless as a door without a hinge. SFS INTEC offers solutions that are uncompromising and look forward more than 50 years into the future. The solution has always complied with EU directives and has never required maintenance over the years.

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