Cegon is an Italian company specializing in door and furniture hardware systems.

Cegon develops and markets Ergon® -- innovative interior door and furniture opening technology. Ergon® has made the interior world a better place by opening up systems that improve access and make the most of interior Spaces.

Cegon has introduced the new magnetic system PUSH & GO EVO which helps open the current semi-fixed door with double doors. Push & Go EVO offers to unlock semi-fixed doors with the press of a button. The lock on the door is secured by an invisible magnetic system. Just put the door down.

Ergon ® Living brings a revolutionary system to the home that reduces size and increases available space. During the design phase, the access area can be rearranged to increase the space in the access area room. No hassle with the door issue, making access easier. In fact, because it can be opened from both sides, you can enter or leave the room and push the door, which closes quickly behind you. Double door orientation is the ideal solution for emergency doors and these functional features are also practical for people with disabilities. The simultaneous rotation and motion of the door closing during opening and closing means that volume is reduced to a minimum, making access to very small rooms easy. The push system is as practical as any other ordinary door fan.

Today Cegon is launching a new open solution for interior doors and cabinetry, the result of a long collaboration with Massimo Bonetti design firm :Compack Living. This is another solid mechanism designed and developed for ease of use. The blades are folded to one side or in a traditional position at right angles, eliminating the use of rails or rollers. Comstack Living ®90° is the natural development of the tried and tested Comstack Living ®180° system. Both systems use the same door panels and frames.