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Fantom doorstop

FANTOM Door Stop Solutions (FDS) combines artistic design principles with engineering innovation to create a product unlike any other on the market today. Using rare earth magnet technology, the FDS can act as both a door stop and a door opener, cleverly concealing all product components inside the door and below the floor, eliminating tripping hazards and unattractive walls, skirting boards or hinged panels.

FDS's patented design gives it a built-in needle that, when it passes through it, is activated by a rare earth magnet hidden inside the door. Once activated, the needle hits a specially designed and patented "dimple and lip" flap that not only blocks the door, but also holds it firmly in the open position.

The convenient hold-open feature allows residents/customers/visitors to keep doors open as they pass without fumbling with their pull-down legs, looking around for some kind of wedge, or using their bags as hold-open devices.